Are you ready for the challenge? In freekick soccer games your task is quite straightforward – to score a goal from a standard situation.

Sometimes you will have to make a straight and steady shot, while other times you will need to show off your skills by curving the ball into the net. Take notes, where the goalkeeper and defenders are standing and see where it best to shoot the free kick. Then make adjustments to your shooting angle and direction, once set, score that beautiful goal!


  1. World Cup Kicks

world-cup-kicks-2 world-cup-kicks-1

This is the ultimate fun soccer game where your aim will be hitting the most powerful free-kicks. So, first, you have to determine your power and then set the angle and curve, before you go for the kick.

Are you capable of making your way to the World Cup glory?

 2. World Cup 2014 Free Kick

world-cup-2014-free-kick-2 world-cup-2014-free-kick-1

It’s the season of 2014 Brazil World Cup. So, why are you holding on?

Come and join the challenge and enjoy the excitement thoroughly. Take part in the field goal contest and get introduced with the flaming passion of the World Cup. Your task is simple – set the intensity and angle and then shoot the ball straight into the goalpost to win the championship.

 3. Stan James

stan-james-2 stan-james-1

This game is another piece of an awesome soccer game where you will be provided with a certain number of free-kicks in order to score the maximum possible goals to obtain the highest points. As the level goes higher, the game will get tougher as well. But, it’s sure that you will keep trying and play the game due to its addictive nature.

This game is an excellent source of Soccer fun as it’s occupied with lots of tactics, options, and styles to shoot the ball into the net. So, you are all free to try different style and tactics. Thus you can figure out your best moves. You need to set the power, pitch, direction and swerve off the shot perfectly before you head for scoring a goal.

 4. Free Kick

free-kick-1 free-kick-2

Use the free kicks to score the maximum possible goals. Invite your friends to play the game and thus, you can explore the best scorer among your friend’s league.

 5. Freekick Mania

freekick-mania-1 freekick-mania-2

In this fantastic football game, you are going to enjoy the freekicks very much. All you have to do is clicking and dragging the mouse pointer on the ball to aim and release the shot. Be careful about the wind direction.  Make sure that you are using the items at the bottom center of the screen.

 6. Peace Queen Cup Korea

peace-queen-cup-korea-1 peace-queen-cup-korea-2

Your mission is to lead Korea to the final round of the Peace Queen Cup. To do so, you have to pass through a series of set-piece free kicks, and you have to play against the best and the toughest teams in the world.

Aim accurately and set power and angle precisely to get the ball straight into the net. You have to dodge and beat the goalie to win the Peace Queen Cup.

 7. Penalty World Cup Brazil

penalty-world-cup-brazil-2 penalty-world-cup-brazil-1

Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo?  This magician footballer is a huge star of Real Madrid. With his incredible kicks and fantastic technique, he has turned into the living legend of the world of football.

If you are interested in learning some of his techniques, you need to play this game. Your mission will be scoring the maximum possible goals through several straight kicks on the goal. Have a great fun!

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