If you are a soccer fan, you have seen penalty shoot-outs many times. Now it is your time to prove your expertise. The result of these football matches relies on the penalties.

You will be the one who will perform the penalties for your team. Pick the right shooting course and decide the force of your shot. Holding your breath just shoot! Try to make whatever number goals as could be expected under the circumstances in these penalty games. We hope that the rival can’t make the same amount of goals as you do.

The main point of these games is to score more penalty shootouts than your opponent and go to the following stage.

When you are a striker, you have to use the SPACE (sometimes another key) to set up the course direction, height and the force of your shot.

When you are playing as the keeper for a brief timeframe you can see a white cross on your goal, and that is the spot of your rivals’ shot, yet not the accurate point. You can move your goalkeeper by moving your gloves and clicking to that point.


Just pick up your game and become ultimate penalty shootout champion!


 1. Penalty Cup 2014

penalty-cup-2014-4 penalty-cup-2014-3

The time of typical soccer play is over. Also, the extended time period has been passed. Yet no result. So, you are heading to the penalty kicks with your favorite national team to determine the fate of the match.

Battle hard to help your team win the trophy. Don’t you want to the be world champion 2014 in Brazil?

 2. Goalkeeper Premier

goalkeeper-premier-1 goalkeeper-premier-2

The excitement of the soccer is at its peak as you are the goalie in this game. The whole audience is counting on you as you are the sole hope as the last line of defense.

 3. Penalty Shootout 2012

penalty-shootout-2012-4 penalty-shootout-2012-3

Penalty time is the most exciting time in a football match which determines the fate of the teams. All you got to take your team to the final is this little penalty shootout time.

Can you show your best to win the match? You will have to apply your mouse to aim your shot and settle on time when you are playing as a striker.

And when you are the goalie, you need to click on the gloves to defend the striker’s shot. Keep yourself relaxed to have perfect timing.

 4. World Cup 2010: Penalty Shootout

world-cup-2010-penalty-shootout-1 world-cup-2010-penalty-shootout-2

Penalty shot always gives a tension to all and at the same time, it seals the fate of the teams as well. So, it’s your time to show your best with the penalty shots.

Grab the victory by perfect shots straight into the goal and defend the shots of the opponents. Watch out for the cross signal as it indicates the point where your opponent has aimed to shoot the ball.

 5. Goalkeeper Italian

goalkeeper-italian-1 goalkeeper-italian-2

Take the role of the Italian football team’s goalie. Save the goal and aid your team to grab the victory. Achieve the success is your sole mission. In this first person defender game, you need to get prepared to block all the balls from the opponents to save the goal.

In this awesome Italian Cup game, you can reflect the ball in order to get 1 glove, or you may catch it to achieve 2 gloves on the scoreboard at once. Once you collect 3 gloves, you will win the match. But, if the opponent makes the score, your collected gloves will be deducted.

 6. Smart Soccer

smart-soccer-2 smart-soccer-1

It’s all about saving the shots. Become the best goalkeeper in the world!

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